Last year we hosted our first Christmas Market and it was a huge success. During the one day event we had over 800 people through the grounds. Although most people were very happy with the event we did receive some feedback from customers that we are hoping to address this year. One of the concerns was that there were multiple vendors selling the same products and an abundance of 3rd Party Marketing Products.  start the planning it a little earlier this year. We are hoping using this process we will be able to avoid that this year multiple vendors with the same products all together and limiting the number of 3rd Party Marketing Products. 

Applications will be accepted up to August 30th. Applications will be reviewed and accepted vendors will be provided with an invoice by September 15th. In the case of multiple applications for the same products, preference will be given in the order in which the applications were received.

We reserve the right to provide an allotted spot to another vendor if payment of the vendor fee is not paid within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

What will be provided:

Prior to the Market:
Social Media & Print Advertising
Link to Website/Facebook Page for Vendors

Day of the Market:
6’ Table and Linen (if required)
2 Chairs
Access to Electrical Outlet (if required)


If you have any questions regarding the application process, the market or anything leading up to the Christmas Market, please email Nikki at

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We will provide any or all of the following items: 6' Table, White Linen, 2 Chairs & Access to an Electrical Outlet.
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