Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity?

Sydenham Ridge Estates can accommodate a maximum of 200 guests in its Reception Barn.

How do I book Sydenham Ridge for my event?

In order to confirm your date, we require that you sign a contract and remit an initial payment of 50% of the Rental Fee.

Can I put a date on hold?

You can put a one week hold on a date of your choice that does not currently have a booking. During that week, you will be notified if anyone else wants to book that date.

Once the one week period has passed, the date will automatically be released.

What is included?

- Use of the property
- $300 Towards a Floral Package
- Your choice of round or rectangular tables for up to 180 guests (a combination of round and rectangular is also acceptable)
- White garden chairs for up to 180 guests
- Basic Linens and Napkins for up to 180 guests
- Washroom trailer
- Use of the audio/visual system
- Use of pre-existing décor

Please see our wedding page for our full and up to date wedding packages!

Are any additional services available?

We offer exclusive, customizable decor and floral packages.

We also have two trusted Day-of-the-Event Coordinators who are available to help ensure your event runs smoothly.

What are the on-site accommodations?

The blue bungalow is located mere steps from the reception barn. The cost to rent the blue bungalow is $350/night.
The log cabin is located around the corner, a short walk from the venue. It sleeps 7 and is situated in a very quiet and picturesque location. The cost to rent the log cabin is $250/night.
You must book the blue bungalow before booking the log cabin. The rental period runs between 12pm until 11am the following morning.


Are there any hotels nearby?

Texas Longhorn Ranch
Approximately 2km from Sydenham Ridge Estates

Clock Tower Inn
Approximately 17km from Sydenham Ridge Estates

Country Side Motel
Approximately 24KM from Sydenham Ridge Estates


Are there any decor restrictions?

Any pre-existing decor installed in any of the buildings is to remain undisturbed unless otherwise discussed.
No décor affixed to walls or beams will be removed for an event. 
We do not allow open-flamed candles.

We kindly ask that if you require anything to be hung either in the barn or in any of the trees that you discuss with staff beforehand.

Can I have an on-site rehearsal?

On-site rehearsals may be held during your rental period or based on availability if required outside of that time frame.

Are recreational vehicles or tents permitted?

We currently do not allow tents on the property.
Recreational Vehicles are currently allowed; they must be self-contained and can have a maximum of 7 people in each. There is a fee of $50/trailer per night. Please let us know if this is an option you will provide to your guests so we can ensure that we provide you with the appropriate information to pass along to your guests.

Do you allow smoking?

Smoking is strictly prohibited in any buildings on the property and must be confined to the designated smoking area.

Can we include our pets in our event?

We are pet-friendly, but do ask that if you do bring them to Sydenham Ridge, you clean up after them. Pets are not allowed in the Blue Bungalow or Log Cabin.

Is the barn heated?

The barn is equipped with in-floor heating. If you require the heating to be turned on, you will be charged for the amount of propane used.

What legal documentation is required for my event?

All events at Sydenham Ridge Estates must have special event insurance which can be purchased through your insurance supplier or an insurance broker of your choice. The minimum coverage required is $2,000,000 liability.
If you are serving alcohol at your event, you require a Liquor License. A Liquor License can be obtained at your local LCBO.

Proof of insurance and a copy of your liquor license must be provided the week prior to your event.
Sydenham Ridge Estates reserves the right to cancel any event that does not provide proof of insurance or a required liquor license.

Are there any restrictions on the delivery of rentals?

We kindly ask that you arrange to have items delivered during your contracted rental period.
If other arrangements need to be made, please let your Event Coordinator know at least two weeks prior to your event to ensure
the appropriate arrangements can be made.


Do you have any recommended suppliers & vendors?

We have a list of local vendors available upon request.

How do we leave the venue after our event?

Unless other arrangements have been made, we ask that you leave the barn exactly how you received it.
All garbage must be removed. The address for the closest dump can be provided if required.

Exact address for invitations:

Sydenham Ridge Estates
1425 Melwood Drive
Strathroy, ON
N7G 3H5




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