First Dances are the Best Dances

Y’all, let’s talk first dances.

Photo credit:  Aleisha Boyd Photography

A few weeks ago my cousin was over at my place and we were talking about what song she is going to use for her first dance. You see, I am, among many things, a music nerd/lover/snob, etc. and this is the one aspect of a wedding that I have HUGE opinions on. Normally, I keep them to myself, but get some wine into me, ask me my opinion about your first dance and hold onto your hats because you’re going to hear what I have to say.

Really I think it’s a combination of my love of good music AND my love of weddings in general that have worked together to create this monster. So I’m going to pretend like I’ve had some wine, and you’ve asked my advice and I’m going to share with you what I shared with Lindsay.

1.     Above anything else, if you love the song, who cares what any one thinks (even me). Sure we’ve all been to weddings where Ed Sheeran serenaded the bride and groom around the dance floor, but if you love Ed Sheeran, love the song and it means something to you. Go. For. It.

2.     Not to play into the stereo type, most grooms will let their bride have her way on their big day, but chances are, he has a song he likes. Ask him. Honestly, nothing makes me swoon more than when a bride tells me that her groom picked their first dance song. Come on. It’s so sweet.

3.     Think outside the box. Last time I checked there was no ‘first dance’ list of rules, so don’t feel compelled to follow suit. A few years ago, one of our couples sang their first dance song to each other and it was so beautiful. Seriously, is there a song that you and your fiancé sing along to religiously? Are you just not a “slow dance couple”? Have you finally received the Mumford & Sons and Hanson mash-up you’ve been begging for from your DJ friend for years (*hint*DJ Alpha…I’m still waiting…*hint)? It’s so much more important how it makes you feel then what everyone will think. Your Mom will get over you not dancing to Celine Dion’s Power of Love, trust me.

4.     When all else fails, John Legend. Always go with John Legend. It’s still kind of surprise, but also still known enough that people will know the song.

I’ve decided to share some of my favourite first dance options below.

Seriously though, just to reiterate,  it’s such a special moment of your wedding day, do what is going to feel good for you and enjoy it!

Until next time!!

Photo Credit:  Haley Thuss

Photo Credit: Haley Thuss