April & May Wedding Round Up

I’ve been throwing some ideas back and forth for this week’s blog post and I wasn’t really feeling any of the ideas that I was coming up with. And you were just about to get a post on my favourite first dance songs when I got distracted by some of the beautiful pictures that have been posted from the wedding at Sydenham last weekend, when it hit me. Uh, hellllooo, how about a monthly wedding round-up!  We shouldn’t be the only ones getting to indulge in some tricks learned, beautiful moments captured and the warm feelings that love-filled photos fill us with.

We are going to start with Lynn and John, I know their wedding was not technically in May, but I wanted to include them in this post because their wedding was just too special not to share. Getting to know Lynn and John was so special and watching how their day came together was beautiful. And their kids. You guys, their kids were adorable.

Photography by: Alina Claire Photography

Then on May 12th, Lorrinda and Kevin’s wedding was pretty close to perfect, except for the pesky moisture down by the pond. But these two, rolled with the punches and got married at the top of the hill with St. Marys Chapel in the background, and it became one of our favourite scenes. It was just stunning. We couldn't have been more happy to host this wedding, the crowd was just fantastic and it was just such a special day, and one we won't forget.

Photography by: Angela Van Horn Photography

Then came Melanie & Marcus’ wedding on May 19th. Nations came together for this one. We Canadians educated the Americans in attendance on Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Curling and Canadian Whiskey and they showed us the Wobble. It was a pretty fair trade if you ask me. That all being said, if I had to pick my favourite thing about Melanie and Marcus’ wedding it would have to be the show of support and the love that these two were enveloped by that day. Family and friends came from far and wide, they had notes from friends abroad… not going to lie, I left this wedding feeling like my tribe may need to step up their game a bit ;)

Photography by: Gaetz Photography

We finished up May with Mikaela and David’s wedding which was just absolutely so sweet and romantic. I loved every second of it. I know I said it in their chalkboard post (if you don’t what these are, you can find them on our Instagram and Facebook) but really these two so clearly love each other and everything about that was steeped throughout their day. HOWEVER… my highlight of the month (yes, Month) was meeting Mikaela’s grandmother who gave me the BEST fashion tips and was the embodiment of who I want to be as I age. Just sassy, sweet and the ability to spot a pair of red velvet heels from a mile away.

Photography by: Rebel Hearts Productions

The beginning of this season was magical. And June is shaping up to give April and May a run for their money… I can’t wait to share with you what comes through these doors over this summer!

Up next week, a list of our favourite dance songs... unless something else inspires me :)

Talk then!